Tips for using Beach Connections

Beach Connections LogoFirst, go to the FAQ section. You can pick up a lot there. Then go to the “General Help and Support” section. Good chance others had your same question. If you don’t see your question and answer there, write (post) your question and someone will answer as soon as possible.As with most things in life, I think you’ll find that actually using the site is much easier than reading about how to use it.

A forum may look intimidating the first time you see it. The best way to learn how to maneuver throughout the board is to spend some time exploring it before you start posting. Once you get the hang of it, and it won’t take very long, you’ll become a pro. After you use it a few times, it’ll seem easy.

So what if you make a few mistakes on the board? We all do. Never worry about making them. You can’t mess up the board or your system.

Jargon is a huge part of understanding a board (forum). Knowing the talk will make it a much friendlier and easier place to get around in (navigate).

Forum – An internet Forum is an online discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages. You can post comments, pictures, and even video. Unlike chat, your Forum comments (posts) stay there.

Board or Message Board 
– The forum on is powered by vBulletin.

Administrator – (Admin) That’s me, Will. I’m the person who supervises all aspects of website / financial / advertising. I use Moderators to help with the forum’s flow, atmosphere, rules, and sales.

Community Manager – Oversees the community forum. The middle person who is the public face and representative of the community and the company.  The Community Manager is responsible for keeping news articles and content  flowing.

Moderators – (Mods) People who assist the Admin and Community Manager manage the site. Moderators insure the forum runs smoothly and have the authority to ban members who abuse the rules. If you have questions that you can’t find, ask your moderator. A mod’s main job is not being a policeman trying to find things that members do wrong. Mods normally have to act only if someone gets reported by another member. Their primary responsibility is to be friendly and help you.

User/Member – That’s you. The most important person associated with our community.

Breadcrumb Trail – A type of secondary navigation that shows where you are on the board. You can use it go back to another page you left.

Beach Connections Breadcrumbs

Thread – A thread is a topic or single conversation about something. There can be many threads in a forum or a thread can stand alone, as with the Rules section. And each thread can have many posts. You can join in (post) on other people’s threads or start your own.

Post – When you comment in a thread, you are posting. Your post is simply your comment. You can always go back to it for changes or deletion.

Sticky – Important threads that appear at the top. They are pinned or stuck on the top of the threads or on their own (like our Rules Section) usually by the admin or moderators. Stickies usually explain the rules or state important points for each section.

P.M. (PM) – Private Message or Personal Message (You can send and receive them). If you post something in a forum, everyone can read it. A PM allows you to communicate privately with another member or moderator. A moderator will usually send you a PM if you break important rules.

For more info on Forums, click here. (This takes you off our site to Wikipedia.)

OP Original Poster.
Example: That’s great, but I think the OP was asking something else in the thread.