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Where do you find Groups?

Groups location

What are Groups?  Click here to go to Groups.groups

Groups are FREE private or public mini-Forums that our members create and manage.  Groups allow you to bring like-minded people together.  You are the group leader so you control and manage your group.  A group can be an organization, club, sports talk, or a special interest get-together.  We make it so easy.

You choose who gets into your group.  You can make it public (everyone joins) or private (invitation only).  You make the decision on who has access to your Group Forum.
  • Any member can join public and moderated groups. 
  • Users must be approved by a group leader before membership is finalized for moderated groups. 
  • Invite Only groups require that a group leader invite a user before they can join.

When you’re setting up your Group, you chose your main options: (Options will be on your initial setup page. Don’t worry, you can always change them later.)

Is a Group easy to make?

You betcha.  It’s unbelievably easy and quick. Click the “Create Group” button on the Groups page.  You don’t have to do anything with the page if you just want to check it out.  You can change it or remove your Group at any time.
The only restriction is you must abide by our basic posting rules.  You know, common sense stuff, like you can’t name your group an offensive name or a name that you have no authorization to use.  Go here for our RULES.

Why create your own Group?

Couple of great reasons:  

One (1): It would be great for your club or organization.  It’s an easy way to publicize, collect, and disseminate information.  It’s also a convenient way to get feedback, comments, and collaboration on issues.
Two(2): It’s fun to get information, feedback, and pictures in your own social or business Forum.

Some Examples of Potential Groups: 
(Sample nonworking names in parentheses)

groups HOA
HOA Group: (Del Boca Vista) You create an invitation only Group Forum with your HOA name (You should be authorized to name it.) to allow only members of your HOA membership to discuss issues related to your HOA and the community it represents.

groups golf
Golf Group: (Senior Rough Riders)  This could be private or public.  Senior golfers get together to talk golf or set up tee times.  Great way to bring Grand Strand foursomes together.

groups team
 Sports Team: (Panthera tigris Talk) Want a group that consists only of “true” fans?  Don’t have to worry about trash-talkers or team haters. Make your own team support Forum.

groups book
 Book Club: (Page-Turner Club)   Create a group to talk about books.  It could be invitation only or open to the public.  You have control of who joins and who stays.  It’s your Club, you make the rules.

groups shaking hand
Business Groups: (Realtor Chatter)  Work better as a team by sharing ideas and challenges.  Groupthink is a more productive tool for gathering information for positive solutions to issues.  Build relationships.

Social/Support Group: (Veg-Eaters)  Build a following and support for special interests or social issues.  Get like-minded people in your group for positive feedback from locals.  Helps spread the word and passion.

surfing group
Online Interests: (Strand Surfin’)  Have a passion for something and would like to hear from others in the region?  Start your own Group Forum to help discover others who share your hobby or interest.  Great way to keep in touch, share stories and get to know each other.

You get the idea – be creative and start your own Group for business or fun.

If you have questions, post them in the “General Help and Support Forum.”