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  1. Dr. Jerry Mills on Beauty Pageants

    Jerry, my best friend in grades 1-9 in Timmonsville, sent me this. We're still great friends. He and I grew up together watching old movies with Boris Karloff, Lon Chaney, Peter Lorre, Vincent Price, or Bela Lugosi. I remember, around 1960, us putting together Frankenstein models for a competition in a downtown department store. All models entered in the contest were on display in the storefront window. Didn't win, but I was proud. How times have changed. ...
  2. T.V. Dinners, Movies, and Commercials

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    The Admin asked me to start a movie review and marketing (commercials) blog for men. It's not a sexist thing, I'm a man. I wouldn't know how to begin to write for a female. Sad thing is, just saying that makes me a sexist in many circles.

    I figured what do I have to lose except my dignity and time. Both are in short supply.

    I decided to call it "T.V. Dinner and a Movie" for four reasons:


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  3. Is this living?

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ID:	459I visited my old friend in a nursing home last week to wish him happy Veteran's Day. I had my reservations about going. Not that I didn't want to see him, but I knew he wouldn't recognize me. And it pains me to see this empty shell of the man I once knew.

    I told myself that wasn't the important thing. Going for me was as important as for him. I secretly hoped he'd remember me. I thought I saw something in his eyes at one point. But that's probably just my ...
  4. Getting older

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    A friend sent me this. Funny thing, some are so true.

    Wisdom Of A Senior

    First, there is no senior discount for reading this! So please don't ask..

    Lying around, pondering the problems of the world, I realized that, at my age, I don't really give a rat's butt anymore.

    If walking is good for your health, the postman would be immortal.

    A whale swims all day, only eats fish, and ...

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  5. Hockey at the Beach?

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Size:  22.3 KB Grand Strand Hockey? You would think so. The numbers are here for an East Coast Hockey League (ECHL) franchise. A few years ago, Florence had the Pee Dee Pride. They did great for a while. The attendance would be much greater at the beach. Northerners know the game. Southerners are beginning to enjoy the sport. I know many people from Florence who after attending their first game were hooked. Also, what a great sport for winter tourists to enjoy.

    The league ...

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    Beach Sports / Activities
  6. Tips for using

    Quote Originally Posted by administrator View Post
    First, go to the FAQ section. You can pick up a lot there. Then go to the "General Help and Support" section. Good chance others had your same question. If you don't see your question and answer there, write (post) your question and someone will answer as soon as possible.

    As with most things in life, I think you'll find that actually using the site is much easier than reading about how to use it.

    A forum may look intimidating the first time you see it. The best
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