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    military wife confronts Starbucks drive-thru cashier who admits to $200 credit card t

    I thought this was interesting. But, I'd bet if there had been no store video, she would have never admitted or apologized for stealing it.
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    A military wife captured the moment she confronted a Starbucks employee for making a copy of her credit card and spending $200 at a local grocery store... who then admitted to the theft.

    Juana Martinez, 25, and her brother arrived at the drive-thru at Starbucks in Lakewood, California, where the mother-of-three then accused the barista of taking her credit card details on New Year's Day.

    She tells the 19-year-old cashier that she was caught on camera trying to buy groceries with the stolen card details - and the young worker immediately admits her crime and begins apologizing profusely.

    For the complete story and video go to this article on Daily Mail Online.
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