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    A song written by Jerry Mills

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    Jerry Mills, my best high school friend from Timmonsville, has this on his personal blog, He now teaches in Taiwan. It's a great song. I pulled this off his Blog:

    I began writing this song when I was in high school. I finished writing it three decades later. This song recognizes that war is sometimes necessary, but the focus of this song is on moral courage. The moral courage to step back from the brink of war is a pressing need for our time. I also hope that this song serves to encourage those who are now engaged in our present struggle to elect to Congress men and women with the level of moral courage that inspired John F.Kennedy to write his famous book Profiles in Courage.

    “Profiles in Courage”
    Written by Jerry Mills

    I’m looking down almost literally
    Into my deep and open grave;
    A single breath from my trembling lips
    Can ruin me or it can save;
    Should I deny my God for this
    Or should my words be true?
    Profiles in courage who have gone before
    Have shown me just what I should do…

    For every freedom that the free enjoy
    Was bought with blood and sweat and tears,
    Relentless toiling by courageous souls
    Who risked their lives and their careers;
    They placed their trust in Providence
    And not in wealth or fame;
    Profiles in courage standing for the right,
    For when their duty called, they came.

    God’s peace is in the darkest cell;
    His love can heal a troubled land;
    When men and women follow in His steps,
    His might can stay the tyrant’s hand;
    One man with courage sometimes makes
    A clear majority;
    Profiles in courage risking all they had,
    They gave that others may be free.

    I wrote this song during the first Gulf War, out of concern for the men and women who served there. It's a reminder of the personal costs of war.

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    Thanks, admin. I enjoyed the song. I went to his blog. Smart guy.

    Do you still stay in contact? I'm always curious about high school friends. We're so close during those years and then drift apart. I ran into one of my best friends in high school not long ago. It was like we were strangers and had little in common. I guess this is called growing up.
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