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Way back in 68-72, I served on the Diesel Fast Attack Submarine, USS Gudgeon (SS 567). It was small, smelly, crowded, and sometimes dangerous. When at sea for extended periods of time, we were only allowed 1 shower a week. I remember some of the guys would go for a month without taking a shower. We were allowed a daily small bowl of water to sponge ourselves clean. Ah, that's one bowl per person. We were close, but not that close. : ) There's a reason they're called pig boats. The bunks were so close, you had to just about get out of bed and get back in to turn over. I loved it. The friendships were great. Even after 40+ years, I still keep up with some of my buddies. I was a cook and the 2nd class who taught me how to cook became one of my best friends. Every year our families get together at Hilton Head for a few days.

Are there any sub sailors out there?