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    Some of the Prizes for 2018/2019

    To go to Raffle, click HERE.

    First Drawing will be held on September 14, '18. After that, there will be one every 2 or 3 weeks. This is not a big-deal raffle, it's simply a way for us to say thank you for being part of our community. It's fun.

    Some of the starting prizes are listed below. There's going be a hodgepodge assortment of new and used, good and bad, useful and cheesy things to win. You can pick the prize up, or if small, we can mail it if the cost is under $5. Sorry, only the winner can request additional information about the prizes. We don't have time to answer lots of questions. What you see is what you get. Thanks for playing and good luck.

    Some of our prizes:

    A 1994 Uncirculated Liberty Silver Dollar. Click image for larger version. 

Name:	1994 Silver Coin.jpg 
Views:	358 
Size:	46.9 KB 
ID:	219
    A section of a Woolly Mammoth tooth. Name:  woolly mammoth.jpg
Views: 188
Size:  23.3 KB
    Beach Boys Old Record (unknown cond. Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_2064.jpg 
Views:	36 
Size:	75.8 KB 
ID:	537
    Picture Name:  picture800.jpg
Views: 178
Size:  55.8 KB
    A signed autographed book by G. Gordan Liddy (used) Click image for larger version. 

Name:	liddycover800.jpg 
Views:	297 
Size:	85.2 KB 
ID:	245Name:  Liddy800inside.jpg
Views: 178
Size:  60.5 KB
    12" Soldiers of the World. Still in Box. 1997 edition Name:  soldiers of the World.jpg
Views: 37
Size:  51.4 KB
    300 golf balls (used) Name:  golf balls.jpg
Views: 179
Size:  77.0 KB
    $20 dollar bill Name:  20 dollar.jpg
Views: 179
Size:  50.9 KB
    "The King" old record (unknown cond.) Name:  IMG_2065.jpg
Views: 25
Size:  75.9 KB
    Skullcandy ear phones (new) Name:  headset.jpg
Views: 175
Size:  35.1 KB
    Lexar 32GB jumpdrive (new) Name:  jumpdrive.jpg
Views: 176
Size:  35.9 KB
    1,000 Baseball Cards (commons)

    (may not be same cards pictured)
    Name:  bb cards.jpg
Views: 175
Size:  50.9 KB
    Exercise Bike (Used very little). Name:  Exercise bike.JPG
Views: 79
Size:  44.5 KBName:  exercise monitor.JPG
Views: 79
Size:  31.2 KB
    Game of Thrones card (Rast) Name:  game of thrones front.JPG
Views: 82
Size:  33.7 KBName:  game of thrones back.JPG
Views: 81
Size:  38.6 KB
    Large Bird House (new) Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_1946.jpg 
Views:	61 
Size:	34.1 KB 
ID:	509Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_1947.jpg 
Views:	56 
Size:	37.1 KB 
ID:	510
    Peyton Manning Rookie Card Name:  manning front.JPG
Views: 76
Size:  37.4 KBName:  manning back.JPG
Views: 81
Size:  25.3 KB
    Shaq Card Name:  shaq front.JPG
Views: 77
Size:  39.4 KBName:  shaq back.JPG
Views: 83
Size:  28.6 KB
    $50 Name:  .jpg
Views: 41
Size:  66.3 KB
    Mary Alice Monroe books Name:  Monroe books.JPG
Views: 81
Size:  40.0 KB
    Hank Aaron Name:  Hank Aaron front.JPG
Views: 82
Size:  34.9 KBName:  hank aaron back.JPG
Views: 83
Size:  34.4 KB
    Tiger Woods Card Name:  tiger woods front.JPG
Views: 84
Size:  40.7 KBName:  tiger woods back.JPG
Views: 89
Size:  42.0 KB
    Michael Jordan Name:  michael jordan front.JPG
Views: 78
Size:  42.3 KBName:  michael jordan back.JPG
Views: 81
Size:  29.2 KB
    Eric Clapton old record (unknown cond.) Name:  IMG_2067.jpg
Views: 26
Size:  44.1 KB
    Paula Deen Cook Book Name:  paula deen book.JPG
Views: 79
Size:  42.0 KB
    Richard Petty Card Name:  richard petty card.jpg
Views: 76
Size:  32.9 KB
    The Beatles (unknown cond.) Name:  IMG_2063.jpg
Views: 24
Size:  80.9 KB
    Darrell Waltrip Card Name:  darrell waltrip.jpg
Views: 77
Size:  34.7 KB
    Rusty Wallace Card Name:  rusty wallace.jpg
Views: 76
Size:  40.8 KB
    $100 Bill Name:  100 bill.jpg
Views: 57
Size:  58.5 KB
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