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Guidelines for Classified Ads

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All Classifieds listed on BeachConnections.com must adhere to the policies laid out below. Serious or repeated violations may lead to account banning.

Please check these policies from time to time as they may change. You are responsible for ensuring that your ads do not violate any of these policies.

All of these policies should be considered in addition to our standard TOS and Rules.

Ad Listings
  1. Classifieds are for personal items between members, not business or get-rich-quick schemes or scams.
  2. The title of your ad listing must reflect the title of the underlying content accurately.
  3. The title of your ad listing must not include unnecessary promotional language (such as indicating a temporary sale).
  4. Any price listed for your ad must accurately reflect the price paid without taking any other steps (such as enrolling in a subscription service). If your price is listed exclusive of tax that may be applied, please indicate this in the description.
  5. All content (text, images, etc) shown in your ad listing must be appropriate for everyone (regardless of age, sex, religion, etc). If the contents of your ad contain material that does not meet these requirements, the offending contents must not be shown.
  6. Deleting and relisting ads as a means to avoid negative reviews is prohibited.
  7. If your ad displays a visible copyright or branding message by default, this must be disclosed in the ad listing.
This is only a service being provided by BeachConnections.com. We are NOT involved in the actual transaction between the buyer and the seller/trader. We cannot control whether the sellers/traders will actually sell/trade or the buyer/trader will actually consummate the transaction. Therefore, by using BeachConnections.com and our services, you release BeachConnections.com from any and all damages that may result from anything and everything. By using this site, you understand the risks involved with trading, selling or buying online such as scam artists, criminals, minors and false identities. Be aware that non-performance or problems by either party to the transaction can happen. Beachconnections.com is not responsible for and do not warrant any postings on BeachConnections.com online Classifieds. Users must make transactions at their own risk. We do not conduct background checks on any users/members for this site. DO NOT send money to people you do not know. DO NOT go to view items at the location of someone by yourself. Always use common sense when dealing with the public.
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